Get the NDIS on track

Let’s get the NDIS on track!

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The promise

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) promises a brighter future for thousands of Australians.

But that promise is falling short.

If we don’t act now, disability service providers across the country face collapse.

Without providers, the NDIS just won’t work.

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We need to get the NDIS on track. Before it’s too late.

Why the NDIS matters

The NDIS participant: Jade

“The NDIS has allowed me to choose great providers. I would be very upset if any of my providers had to reduce services or close down.”

The support worker: Hayley

“I am committed to my career but the NDIS needs to work for everyone. I would be really concerned if I could no longer offer one on one care”

The service provider: Chris

“Providers are committed to the NDIS but its implementation is putting enormous pressure on our long term sustainability.”

Before the NDIS disability support in Australia was inconsistent, fragmented and underfunded.

Today, the NDIS is our first truly national scheme for all Australians with disability.

Across the country it’s transforming lives, giving people with disability the power to choose the support they need and to live the lives they want to live.

The problem

The way the NDIS is being delivered means it’s not yet working for everyone.

If we don’t get the NDIS on track now, we risk winding back the clock to the way disability support worked decades ago.
No one wants that.

What we’re campaigning for

Disability service providers across Australia are calling for

With these five steps we can deliver the NDIS promise